Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Google does not have it all! Gasp!

But the Library does!

You’ve got a cell phone. You’ve got a computer. You’ve got the internet. You think you’re connected?
 Unless you’re connected to the Kinlaw Library, you may not know what you’re missing. One of the biggest myths around is that everything is on the Internet and that you can find it for free. The fact is you’ll find little information on the Web before 1980 and little serious research available for free. Some information is actually easier to find in print than online. The Kinlaw Library offers vast collections of books and other reference materials, historical and rare documents, photographs and other primary source material. The library also has an extensive collection of online journals to meet the specialized needs of student and faculty researchers. Some of these materials may be available on the Internet, but at a steep price.  Instead those materials can be found on the library’s website - for FREE.  If we don't have something you need, we can get it for you - for FREE.  Our library offers the best of both worlds: extensive print works and some of the finest electronic resources available. We provide online collections free of charge to our students in the same way we provide books, videos and other resources - you just have to log in!  Using the library has never been faster, easier or more comfortable.

Most importantly, there are librarians to help students find what they need, whether it’s in a book, journal, government document or database. The library may be the only place on campus where you’re not expected to know the answer. Librarians are the ultimate search engines. Our job is to help you find the answers. To help students sharpen their research skills, the library offers regular library instruction sessions. Students may also request an individual research consultation to receive independent library instruction or in depth research assistance. The Kinlaw Library encourages all students to find out more by stopping by the library or checking out our website.
In addition to Web access, the library has more than 250 seats for studying and researching,  40 computer work stations, wireless technology throughout the building, power and data access at all study stations as well as art exhibits and a coffee lounge. 

Librarians are tour-guides for all of knowledge.     –Patrick Ness