Monday, October 20, 2014

Celebrate Open Access Week

Did you know that information can be expensive?  

That may not occur to you during a Google search, or even when you use a library database to find a scholarly article, but if you try to get to one of those articles after you’ve left Asbury, you will discover that you have to pay $30 or more just to download one article from a journal publisher.  Some scholars are not happy about that situation, and have turned to Open Access publishing as another way to share their research.  If a journal or book is published online as Open Access, it means that any reader in the world can get to it online and read it without having to pay a penny.  The hope is that by taking down the cost barriers, more and more people will be inspired to use the ideas in Open Access books and articles to spark their own ingenuity!  If you’d like to see a great example of that in action, check out this video about a teenager who developed a critical cancer detection tool through researching Open Access journal articles –

So, now that you know, be sure to celebrate Open Access Week this week (October 20-26)!  For more information, you might want to start here -- Our handy information page on Open Access